Common Questions

  • Can I trust you in my home?
  • Cat Whisperers employees are required to have not only work-related references but also character references. A formal NZ Police Vet is done on each employee at the expense of Cat Whisperers Limited. This must be clean if they are to be employed by us. In the event of an accident causing damage, every Cart Whisperer's employee is covered by appropriate liability insurance for your protection.
  • Is it better for my cat to stay at home than go to a cattery?
  • When you are away from home your cat suffers the least stress if they can remain in their normal surroundings. They are less likely to be exposed to feline infections in their habitual environment where they are not closely housed with other cats. Their normal routines can be maintained as closely as possible, and we can make one or two visits each day as required, to meet your pet's needs.

    We can also pick up your cat and transport it to your preferred boarding establishment, and return it to you when you are arriving home, using our cat taxi services.
  • How do I arrange for you to come in and look after my cat?
  • An initial meeting with you at your home is done free of charge. At this meeting we will take all the details of your cat's history and habits and any medical conditions. We will obtain the details of your preferred veterinary service in case of emergency and all of your contact details. If you require any home security services we will arrange these also at the initial visit. You can show the Cat Whisperer the areas of the house that you wish them to access and alarm codes, keys etc. at this time also. We think this is an important meeting for both Cat Whisperers and our clients, and will be happy to answer any concerns you may have.
  • What other services do Cat Whisperers provide?
  • Cat Whisperers provides a range of other services:
    • In-home cat grooming and healthcare services (nail clipping, flea and de-worming treatments)
    • Cat Taxi for all cat transport services
    • Arrangements for cats to be transported to another city in house moves
    • Annual Vet Check / Vaccination - pick-up and delivery
    • Assistance for accessing longer term Cat Boarding
    • Discounts for SuperGold Card holders
    Many of our additional services are designed for older people who may have difficulty in transporting their cats for annual health checks and vaccinations, who may find giving their cats flea and de-worming treatments difficult. Cat Whisperers understand how important their pets are to some people and we are keen to assist them in maintaining their pets in the best condition.
  • How will I know if my cat is ok while I am away?
  • We send our clients regular txt or email updates reporting the health and demeanour of their pets. Every time the Cat Whisperer comes to your house she will make a notation on a daily reporting form that will remain in your premises. This will state the time and date of the visits, the condition and mood of your cat, and any other relevant information. In the event that your cat has an accident or falls ill in your absence we will contact you directly to confirm the action that needs to be taken. We will also discuss this with you at the initial visit and have you sign a consent form in relation to any emergency treatment and the associated costs.
  • Do you only look after cats?
  • Cat Whisperers is a cat-focussed company but we are also prepared to look after other small animals e.g. birds, rabbits, fish, guinea pigs, poultry, etc. Unfortunately, we do not look after dogs at this time.