Common Questions

Can I trust you in my home?

Yes, All Cat Whisperers employees are required to have work and character references. Also a New Zealand Police check is completed, this must come back clear to work with us.

Is it better for my cat to stay at home than going to a cattery?

We think the answer is 'YES' for many cats.   

When you give your cat a holiday at home they are kept in their normal surroundings and routine. Many cats prefer this as their home is their territory and even though you aren't there with them they know they are safe. They can sun themselves in favourite spots and cruise around their backyard and your neighbour's backyard just as they do when you are home. They also build great relationships with our team and run to greet us when we arrive. 

If you'd feel more comfortable booking a cattery, ask your Vet for recommendations.  Look for a well-run establishment where your cat's preferences and personality can be accommodated, where cats have room to move around but any bullies are separated from others. 

If you do choose to leave your cat to holiday at home we'd love to visit.  Our clients tell us they enjoy returning home to happy and well-fed cats. 

What other services do Cat Whisperers provide?

We are able to provide the following:

  • Administration of medication, including insulin injections
  • In-home health maintenance such as flea and worming treatments. 
  • Cat taxi service
  • Arrangements for cats to be transported nationally and internationally
  • Pick up and drop off for vet visits.

We are very happy to discuss other ways a Cat Whisperer can help as we understand how important pets are!

How will I know if my cat is okay while I am away?

No news is good news!  It means your cat is eating and looking well and we have no concerns about their health.

We are happy to provide text or email updates to you while you are away, although at Christmas time it can be a challenge to fit in all the texts (we'd rather be out spending time with cats)  so we may only do this once or twice a week. We'll talk this through with you individually. 

We will always contact you if we have a question, for instance if your cat is not his/her normal happy self or we have a property concern. 

We ask for your written consent to seek Veterinary care if we feel this is required - but we will always do our best to check with you or your nominated emergency contact before we do this.

We keep a written diary of what your cat has been up to at each of our visits.  You'll be able to read this through once you are back home. 

Do you only look after cats?

Cats are our main focus however we will happily feed pets such as fish, birds, rabbits, and guinea pigs etc (but not dogs).