Common Questions

Can I trust you in my home?

Yes, All Cat Whisperers employees are required to have work and character references. Also a New Zealand Police check is completed, this must come back clear to work with as a cat whisperer.

Is it better for my cat to stay at home than going to a cattery?

Yes, When you give your cat a holiday at home they are kept in their normal surroundings. They prefer this as your home is their territory and even though you aren't there with them they know they are safe. Cats can stress or become aggressive when housed close to other cats with no homely smells around them, this also had the potential for your cat to be exposed to feline infections. When leaving your cat at home we can keep to their normal routine as closely as possible, so not to cause any stressing.

What other services do Cat Whisperers provide?

We are able to provide the following:

  • In-home health maintenance such as flea and worming treatments. We can also help with administering medication
  • Cat taxi service
  • Arrangements for cats to be transported nationally and internationally
  • Pick up and drop off for vet visits.

Many of our additional services are designed for the elderly community or for someone with a disability, where transportation or confidence may be an issue. However we are more than happy to discuss other ways a Cat Whisperer can help as we understand how important pets are!

How will I know if my cat is ok while I am away?

We are happy to arrange txt or email updates to clients whilst they are away. If this isn't arranged, no news is good news, we will be in contact with you if we have a questions or if your cat has become ill or had an accident. During the initial meeting a consent for is signed to allow us to seek vet treatment on your behalf and the associated costs.
We have a report form which you can read through once you are back home and can see how your cat has been at each visit.

Do you only look after cats?

Cats are our main focus however we can feed any additional pets such as fish, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs etc. Unfortunately we do not offer this service to dogs as they are usually a lot more people orientated.