Our Services

Cat Minding

Cat Whisperers will care for your cat in your own home. After our initial meeting to discuss your preferences we will visit once or twice a day to feed your cat, clear litter boxes, play, pat and ensure that your pet is happy and healthy. We are also able to medicate your cat if needed. Every visit is recorded with detail of your cat’s condition.

One visit per day $23.00 +GST 

Two visits per day $35.00 +GST

Home Security

Cat Whisperers will reduce the appearance of a household on holiday. When we visit you may wish us to undertake some additional jobs to give your home a ‘lived in’ feel. For instance, we can open and close blinds and curtains, collect mail, turn on and off any lights in your home, watering any indoor and outdoor plants - Great in the summer!

Add ons from $5.00

Additional Pet Feeding and care

We can also feed any additional pets such as fish, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs etc. Unfortunately we do not offer this service to dogs as they are usually a lot more people orientated.

Other helpful services

Cat Whisperers can transport your pets anywhere within Auckland in our hygienic cat carry cage or their own. This can be used for vet visits or for relocations. We are able to collect and drop your cat off at the airport or a meeting point for national or international relocations. We can arrange to give flea or worming treatments if needed.

If you are interested in our services above or have any questions please call 021 240 4164 or email