Cat Whisperers Client Testimonials

We think we're pretty great, but don't just take our word for it. Here's what just a few of our happy cat clients had to say about us.

"Cat Whisperers is a very professional and reliable service, they really care about their clients and their cats!  We have always come home to happy and healthy fur friends, with detailed logs written for each day.  It is great to go away knowing our pets will be well cared for!"

Melissa and David with Kimba and Sura

"I am so thankful that Cat Whisperers can come to our home when we need to go away - Mobi gets incredibly stressed going in to a cattery so this is the perfect solution. He's in his own home, with his own routines and Cat Whisperers come to feed him, give him his medication, give him a brush - he is one happy cat. The text updates are a godsend for a nervous mum - Cat Whisperers really take the stress out of going away!"

Jo with Mobi

Suzanne with Sooty

"We'd previously put Sooty in a cattery (which he loathed) or tried to get a house sitter. A friend recommended Cat Whisperers and we haven't looked back. Its a very professional service run and serviced by 'cat people'. The initial briefing meeting makes sure that the team have clear instructions on what your cat likes and what to do if your pet needs medical attention. We can rest easy knowing Sooty is fed, watered and won't run away. He is always happy to see us when we return but is never distressed. His home remains his castle! Can thoroughly recommend Cat Whisperers"

"Trinity and Neo were well looked after while we were away for a week.  They were far more relaxed staying at home and we felt that our house was being checked on as well. We really appreciated cat whisperers visiting them twice per day to make sure they were safely inside at night times. Thanks heaps!"

Kathy and Matt with Trinity and Neo

"I'm really happy to use Cat Whisperers.It's the peace of mind, knowing your cat is well looked after while you're away.HC responds badly to catteries, it over stresses him & puts him into an over-grooming cycle that needs steroids to clear up.Having someone come in & make a huge fuss of him & feed him in his own territory not only keeps him happy, it helps him maintain his borders in a busy cat neighbourhood & it saves us the vet bills we used to have to pay after each cattery visit.

I'd recommend them to anyone"

Tim with HC

"The team at Cat Whisperers take such good care of my beautiful fur babies! They're always happy and relaxed when I come back from trips away. The team is so reliable, I can't think of anyone better to look after your cats and my home"

Zoe with Louis and Basil

"It is great that Minnie can stay in her familiar surroundings and favourite couch when we are away. We have been using Cat Whisperers for over five years and its very stress free for all of us. Plus it saves us time not having to drop off and collect from a cattery after a trip away"

Wilson with Minnie

“The team at Cat Whisperers are life savers! Not only do they love and care for our cat cash but all the little extras like watering the garden and clearing the mail really make going away a lot less stressful!... Big fan of Cat Whisperers"

Mel with Cash

"Akira and Frankie are so much happier being cared for in their own home by Cat Whisperers. We no longer have to worry about any stressful cattery visits and we come home to happy relaxed cats"

Kylie with Akira and Frankie

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